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Are you looking for a way to help refugees integrate into your community?

About Welcome Here

The idea for Welcome Here started in 2016, to make it easy and safe for you to welcome a refugee into your home.

Refugees are fleeing to Europe in great hopes of finding "a better life" and successfully integrating into European societies. The reality is that they are finding shelter in isolated camps and emergency housing with few in-roads into local communities.

We think there is a better way to approach this crisis, and believe that the solution lies in a unique network of individuals like you seeking to help. We want to support you by providing a platform for refugees to find shelter in the homes of locals. Our aspiration is to make this connection as seamless as possible, fostering life-changing relationships while relieving the migration journey from some of the pain and hardship. Refugees, governments and local communities all stand to gain.

For now, this is still an idea and we are gauging interest. If you think this should become reality and envision participating in this effort, please enter your email below.

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